Thursday, August 23, 2012

Day 2

I thought I should say something about why I started this blog.  This year with my 7th grade students, I will be asking them to begin their own blog.  While I have done lots with technology over the years, I seem to always try to add something new each year.  Some people can't understand why I would do this to myself.  "Don't you just want to do what you did last year?  Isn't that easier?"  I guess I just don't do 'easy'.

I think the blogosphere is an ever increasing important part of our world.  One that I think broadens our horizons and allows us to explore and reflect on our lives in a new and exciting way.  My goal this year is expose my students to this world, invite them in and see what happens.

Another important aspect of the blogosphere is the community that it provides.  It allows bloggers to not only share their ideas and experiences but to connect with others have similar stories.  It also gives us the opportunity to expand the horizons of others who may have never heard of what we may be blogging about.  Through the comment feature on our blogs, we will interact with each other to create what they refer to in the blogging world as "the ripple effect".

For my blog (which is actually my second attempt at other blog has a total of 3 posts and I have not written in a couple of years...sigh), I have decided to focus on sharing stories from my classroom.  My audience includes my students, who are where my stories will come from, students' parents, who often feel disconnected from what goes on behind these middle school walls, other teachers, those that can share and relate to my experiences, and parents in general.  What makes my blog unique is that this year, I am not just a teacher in my school district but I am now a parent of a student as well.  My daughter, Jane, is entering kindergarten.  I think this will make this a special year as I will get to experience school from a new perspective.

Yesterday, I spent a few hours in these last days of summer with another 7th grade ELA teacher from my building who is also embarking on this blogging adventure with her students.  We are both nervous and hopeful for what this year will bring.  As you can see from my first entry, I was brief and didn't say much.  It wasn't that I was pressed for time but rather terrified at putting words down knowing they would be published for all the world to see.  Are you feeling the same way?  If yes, good.  I don't feel so alone.  If not, then you will probably help to lead us on our way as we start down this road they call blogging. 

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