Thursday, September 6, 2012

1st Day of School

First day done.  But this was not just any first day of school.  The day began as usual greeting students in my homeroom, handing out lockers, going through supplies, explaining student schedules, etc.  My day was interrupted though with something very special.  Today was also the first day of school for my daughter Janie Bea.  When I usually would have been eating my lunch, catching my breath and meeting with my teaching teammates, I jumped in my car and drove down Western Avenue to join my husband and daughter for the first day of kindergarten in Mrs. Krell's classroom at Westmere Elementary.

I got there just in time for the bus ride, which I thought I would miss.  It was so fun to sit with Jane as she experienced riding in this big yellow bus that she had only had seen from the outside.  We then made our way to her classroom, put away her supplies and got familiar with all of the fun things the room had to offer.  We were able to talk to Jane's teacher and some of the other parents.  As the kids gathered on the rug with Mrs. Krell for a story, the parents went into the hallway to fill out some paperwork.  (The stuff, up until today, I only had sent home to my own students' parents.)  Before we knew it, we were done and I was racing back to FMS to greet my last two classes for the day.  (I was thankfully able to eat my lunch after school!)

Today felt like I was leading an exciting double life.  First as teacher and then as parent.  While it made for a tiring day, it was definitely one I will never forget.  One of the best parts was sharing with my students about my daughter, seeing who attended Westmere and who also had Mrs. Krell.  I even discovered that one of my student's brothers is in my daughter Jane's kindergarten class.  How cool is that? 

I know that every day can't be as exciting as today, but it sure was an excellent way to start the year. 

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