Sunday, May 5, 2013

Getting Published

This week both I and one of my students had our pieces of commentary published in our local paper, the Times Union.  I am looking forward to the coming weeks and finding out who else will see their byline in print.  I will add to this post as those become available.

Writing is power, which is a message that is not given to students via the Common Core or standardized testing.  That is what this unit is about and why I love teaching writing.

My commentary:  'Nazi' task was clearly wrong

Lily's commentary:  State tests can't figure qualities of teachers

Evan's commentary:  Cover Up!

Taniya's commentary:  I Think You Got The Wrong Words

Charles' commentary:  Oi Vey Iz Mir Gewalt

Rachel's commentary:  Tan or No Tan?

Fathima's commentary:  Smoking Life or ... Death

Alex's commentary:  Sleepy Time 

Skye's commentary:  R U Texting a Little 2 Much?

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